Homeless Advocacy (Permanent Placement)

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HOUSING for the Working Poor

SINGLE Rooms and apartment in Luxury Style Apartments located throughout Harlem and the Bronx:

Housing and social service provision for individuals and families.
  • Dembosky, A. (2008, Aug. 26). “Foreclosures Mean Crises for H.I.V. Positive Renters.” New York Times. H.I.V. positive renters in New York are having their utilities shut off and facing eviction as their landlords lose properties through foreclosure. Despite a city ordinance that prohibits “source of income” discrimination, (some) landlords are reluctant to accept rental assistance payments provided by the city’s H.I.V./AIDS Services Administration. NYC foreclosures in 2007 affected around 30,000 households, 15,000 of which were renter households that house over 38,000 New Yorkers. Nearly 60% of the foreclosures on renter households were on two-to-four family or multi-family buildings. Around 7,200 of all foreclosures on rental units in 2007 occurred in Bronx, making the borough home to the largest share of the city’s foreclosures on renter households. The New York City Housing Crisis
  • One of the largest providers of social services in the United States.
  • One of the most lucrative and consistent real estate markets in the United States.
  • The center of the AIDS epidemic in the United States.
  • One of the first cities in the United States where HIV/AIDS among substance abusers exceeded that of MS

BPHN's Role

Decent housing for all is essential to the economic vitality of a community; BPHN assists families and individuals in obtaining quality, affordable housing options and more. We successfully leverage public and private funding obtained through innovative partnerships to create suitable housing opportunities that fill community-defined needs. We currently own and manage various properties— all located in attractive neighborhoods throughout the Bronx and Harlem communities. BPHN Services include case management, counseling, group work and referrals and focus on helping families achieve housing, economic, social and psychological stability. The program focuses on: employment and continued education, housing retention (as many of the families have been homeless more than once); family strengthening including interpersonal communication and parenting. Our ultimate goal is to facilitate the stability, self sufficiency, self-respect, and pride of families and individuals – by fostering dignity through affordable housing.BPHN provides Single Rooms and Family Apartments throughout the Bronx and in Harlem. BPHN has a growing portfolio of 11 buildings currently.