Crisis & Anger Management

Exploring the Roots of Anger

Many different events can result in an individual's becoming angry. These may include:

Internal events such as perceived failures, injustices, or frustrations

External events such as loss of property or privileges, teasing or humiliation

Many of our clients experience both internal and external events that cause them to experience anger and traumatic events. When dealing with anger, focus is placed on the following:

• Passive Aggressive Behavior
• Blaming
• Sarcasm/Caustic Remarks
• Guerrilla Humor
• Verbal Abuse
• Blind Rage
• Anger with Authority
• Depression
• Retaliatory Anger
• Isolation
• Anger as an Excuse
• Use of Medicators/substance abuse

Our trained clinicians offer assistance in developing coping strategies and on how to express anger appropriately.