TD Bank and BPHN Bring Change to The Bronx

TD Bank’s Manhattan and Bronx area stores join forces to support people in need. As part of TD Bank’s Bring Change program, TD Bank stores in New York City raise funds to support the Homeless. TD Bank’s Bring Change program supports people and organizations in communities across the Bank’s footprint that are making a meaningful difference locally. The program focuses on issues that affect low and moderate income areas, as well as homelessness, food shortages and services for those with special needs. The event this year occurred between April 24 and May 5, 2017. In the Bronx, TD Bank clients and local residents bring their loose change and item donations to the participating branches.

This year, BPHN has been selected as a beneficiary for this effort. We are grateful to TD Bank, its employees, its clients, and the local residents who participated in this event. At the conclusion of the event, BPHN received a total of $6,168.77 and 6 shopping bags of donated new goods, such as deodorants, shaving cream, mouthwash, and other useful items. We will ensure these donations go directly to support BPHN’s mission -- to promote, foster and advance the health and welfare of the people in need by providing temporary and permanent housing placement, access to resources and preventative social services to enable its clients through all means and methods to better maintain permanent stable housing that is decent, safe and sanitary.

Read About the Event on TB Bank's Website