Clinical Director

Clinical Director

Bronx Parent Housing Network, Inc. – Bronx, NY

Duties and Responsibilities: Lead the Social Services team in all aspects of service provision to our clients. Identify, evaluate, and establish service linkages with community-based providers. Prepare for, participate in, and or lead any internal or DHS client case conferences. Conduct weekly or bi-weekly supervision with all direct reports. Provide supportive counseling to children and families. Partner with the Housing Specialist in identifying appropriate housing resources. Participate in unit inspections, assessing client household skills and ADL’s and leading the team to respond appropriately and timely to any clinical concerns. Coordinate the admission and discharge process of shelter residents. Enforce DHS/BPHN rules, policies, and guidelines by proactively outreaching and counseling clients. Participate in the reporting, investigation, and documenting of all significant incidents to the Shelter Director, BPHN Executive Team members, and all appropriate reporting agencies (DHS, ACS, NYPD, etc.), as required by all applicable regulations and laws. Compile and contribute statistical data to the Shelter Director (or anyone s/he designates) in support of internal and external reporting requirements. Prepare and submit case summaries and reports both internally and to regulatory agencies. Respond timely to requests for information from BPHN, DHS and or any external entity in consultation with the Shelter Director Participate in weekly or bi-weekly supervision with the Shelter Director; weekly all-staff meetings; monthly Community (Residential) Meetings, some of which may extend your work day by an hour. Mediate conflicts between direct reports and any program staff members, or staff and residents. Assume all duties as required in the absence of the Shelter Director. Assure that performance evaluations of direct reports are completed and reviewed annually or at the conclusion of the probationary period for new hires. Ensure that case files are organized and client records are accurate, current, and meet all DHS specifications. Develop and revise clinical policies and procedures as appropriate. Identify and enroll staff in all appropriate training’s and conduct in-service training’s. Facilitate participation of social services staffers in monthly community meetings. Conceptualize, develop, and provide oversight of group activities designed to enhance the skills and self-esteem of program participants. Related duties as assigned.


Qualifications and Experience: Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW) with four years’ experience working with homeless adults and families SIFI (Seminar in Field Instruction) certification for the purpose of clinically supervising MSW candidates-two years’ experience supervising social services/human services staff in a shelter/mental health/ transitional or permanent supportive housing setting experience working with individuals with mental health diagnoses and substance abuse histories experience working with the Department of Homeless Services (DHS) / Human Resources Administration (HRA)NYS-certified Mandated Reporter (must be completed within 30 days of hire)Bilingual Spanish preferred.


Job Type: Full-time

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